Experienced Twin Cities Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Our law firm has a strong history and extensive experience in helping deserving individuals collect workers’ compensation benefits. If you are currently attempting to collect benefits for a work-related injury and are facing delays or a denial of your claim — do not wait and hope. Instead, contact our attorneys for able, aggressive representation that gets results.

We have successfully represented individuals who have suffered permanent and total disability due to injuries at work, as well as those who have suffered less serious injuries that still merit compensation. Whether your injury occurred due to a fall, heavy lifting, malfunctioning machinery, repetitive motions required in your job or other factors, our workers’ compensation lawyers can help you navigate the processes involved in receiving compensation.

Aggressive Representation to Obtain Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In our experience, most disputes over workers’ compensation claims require advancement through litigation to get results. This means we must be fully prepared to file a lawsuit in order to obtain the benefits you deserve as an injured worker. Insurance companies are in no hurry to deal with your claim, and they often put the burden on you — and your attorney — to take action.

We know how to deal with workers’ compensation claims at all levels, and we move quickly to prove your case and maximize the value of your benefits. On your behalf, we will:

  • File actions
  • Present your case in depositions and hearings
  • Aggressively represent you in a full trial if necessary

We will do everything possible to prove your case at every stage. This determined, relentless approach is often necessary to get positive results in your workers’ compensation case.

Call (612) 871-3333 to Discuss Your Injuries and Action Plan

If you have been hurt while performing your job duties and cannot work, you are probably facing tremendous financial stress in addition to your physical pain. Quick action on your workers’ compensation claim can reduce this stress and allow you to focus on the recovery of your health. Contact us at Nepp & Hackert, LLC for a free consultation to discuss your workers’ compensation claim.