Minnesota Lawyers Protecting Your Rights and Interests

Our Twin Cities law firm is here to work for the diverse people of Minnesota, representing you when you need help because of an accident, injury, criminal charge, immigration need or family law matter. Your case is important to us, and we do our best to fulfill your immediate needs and protect your longer-term interests. We encourage you to contact Nepp & Hackert, LLC for a free consultation.

Many of our clients have had very little or no experience with Minnesota courts or the legal system when they first talk to our attorneys. At Nepp & Hackert, LLC, we do not expect you to know all your legal options or what to do to protect your rights. Our very approachable, accessible lawyers can help with difficult decisions by explaining your options clearly and simply, sharing our experience with similar cases and talking about likely and possible outcomes in your case.

Cambodian-, Hmong-, Lao-, Thai-, Vietnamese- and Spanish-Speaking Staff

Clear communication between you and your attorney is often essential to achieving your goals — whether you have a workers’ compensation claim, require strong criminal defense or are dealing with another legal issue. Our commitment to hearing your story and working on your behalf is supported by our entire staff— including fluent Spanish, Hmong, Lao, Thai and Vietnamese speakers prepared to help ensure you understand your rights and choices.

The members of our staff not only bring excellent language skills to their work in all our practice areas, but also add outstanding investigative skills and experience. Our staff members have worked with law enforcement and government agencies on many occasions, so they know who to see, what to ask for and how to get results for our clients.

When You Need Legal Help, We Respond

At Nepp & Hackert, LLC, our attorneys believe in providing the quickest possible response to your call for help. When you need an attorney, we realize you cannot afford to wait for someone to make time for you. We carry this determination to provide excellent hands-on, personal service through all aspects of your case.

We provide free consultations in our offices in the uptown area of Minneapolis, and we also travel frequently to represent clients across the Twin Cities, the suburbs and across the state of Minnesota. If you need understanding, knowledgeable legal help, we encourage you to contact us today.