Aggressive Twin Cities DUI Defense Attorneys

If you have been charged with DUI — a term used to describe “driving under the influence” or drunk driving — it is very important to know the consequences you may face. In Minnesota and across the nation, enforcement and penalties have increased dramatically in recent years. Whether you wish to fight against conviction or plead guilty and attempt to minimize these tough consequences, we encourage you to contact us at Nepp & Hackert, LLC in Minneapolis.

Dealing with any DUI or DWI charge on your own without a capable lawyer can expose you severe consequences under the law, including:

  • Jail time
  • Substantial fines
  • Loss of your driver’s license for a considerable period

If this is not your first drunk driving offense, hiring a strong defense attorney may be your best option for avoiding a sentence that changes your life forever.

A Free Consultation to Discuss Your Case

Our attorneys examine all the angles associated with drunk driving cases. The first step is for you to bring in all notices and paperwork you have on your arrest so that we can thoroughly examine the basic facts of your case. We have staff who speak Spanish, Cambodian, Hmong, Lao and Vietnamese to assist clients who communicate more effectively in these languages. We can also address the possible impact of criminal charges on your immigration status.

When one of our attorneys represents you, we will go to your arraignment, obtain all police reports and carefully review all of the facts. If we see a problem with the evidence or police procedures, we will bring a motion to dismiss the charges. If the charges stand, we will lay out your options and advise you on the probable outcomes of pleading guilty or taking your DUI case to trial.

Challenging Evidence to Minimize DUI Consequences

Whether we are working to minimize consequences or defending you at trial, we know how to challenge weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. We have dealt with complex cases, challenging:

  • Whether probable cause existed for a traffic stop
  • Breathalyzer readings and other test results
  • Credibility of any witnesses
  • Any other suspect evidence or improper procedures pertaining to your case

If you have been charged with DUI, it is time to protect your rights. Call (612) 871-3333 or contact us now by e-mail to consult with an attorney who will work hard on your behalf.