Minneapolis Attorneys Working for Accident Victims

In the Twin Cities and across Minnesota, people are injured on our roadways every day. If a car crash, motorcycle wreck or accident involving a bicycle or pedestrian has seriously injured you or a loved one, it can be important to quickly contact a personal injury lawyer who will help you understand your rights.

We are experienced personal injury attorneys, committed to evaluating and investigating all aspects of your car accident case in the effort to obtain a financial recovery for you. We have successfully handled challenging cases involving all types of vehicles, and we help victims with every aspect of seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other financial hardship resulting from the accident.

Handling Every Aspect of Your Case

When we take on your personal injury case after a motor vehicle accident, we will assist you by:

  • Properly filing your application under your own insurance policy for no-fault benefits,which may help pay medical bills, compensate you for lost wages and cover other expenses resulting from the accident
  • Aggressively pursuing arbitration or other means of getting your bills paid
  • Completing a thorough accident investigation to build your case for recovering damages
  • Preparing strong demand packages to move your case forward
  • Working directly with you when you receive a settlement offer, sharing our experience to help you decide whether to accept or proceed with a lawsuit

Complete Investigation to Help You Recover Damages

At Nepp & Hackert, LLC, we move quickly and decisively to establish the facts of your vehicle accident and auto injury through photographic evidence, police reports and witness accounts. We take high quality digital photographs that show:

  • Damage done to all vehicles involved in the crash
  • The existence and extent of all your injuries

The purpose of all our investigative efforts is to establish that another driver is responsible and liable for your injuries. Demonstrating the seriousness of the crash can counter insurance company claims that an accident was “low impact.” Substantiating your injuries effectively after a car accident is often essential to recovering the compensation you deserve.

Our lawyers will be honest and direct about the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We have Spanish, Cambodian, Lao and Hmong speakers on our staff for those who need help communicating throughout their case. If you are facing hardship due to a motor vehicle accident involving someone else’s negligence, please contact us today.